Part 16 : Authorization Letter

In previous section, we have studied of appreciation letter and now we will see, how authorization letters are written, when they are written and why they are written.

Introduction – 

An authorization letter gives a third party permission to act on your behalf. You may need someone to assist you with your financial matters, legal issues or health directives. Authorization letter is an important part for office communication. It is the formal type of written communication. These letters have to be written carefully. In authorization letter, you give someone the authority to take decisions and sign the documents on your behalf and organization or the individual you are dealing with can not take any objection to this after receiving the letter of authorization. There are also other document for authorization letter like authorization letter to claim, for birth certificate, to withdraw money and many more.

An authorization letter gives the holder of the letter the authority to either grant permission for something or collect something from somewhere. It is normally given when the individual in command is not available for necessary approvals so he/ she authorizes another, reliable individual in her / his place to give the sanctions.

Lawyers and their clients for collecting legal documents also use an authorization letter. It is a very important document as it gives the power that is exerted at the giver’s discretion. The individual who gets this letter has a lot of responsibility on her/his shoulder.

Let us consider some of the points to be noted for authorization letter – 

  • While writing an authorization letter the writer must be sure to whom he/ she is giving the letter, as it needs to be given after serious thinking.
  • The recipient of the letter should be a trusted person known to be having no mal-intentions.
  • An authorization letter should be simple and crisp. It should clearly indicate who is being authorized and for what work.
  • The exact validity of the authorization forms a very important part of this letter.
  • There should be no room for ambiguity in the authorization letter as it is a very powerful tool in the recipient’s book.

Now let us understand the format of authorization letter – 

AuthorizatIon Letter Format
AuthorizatIon Letter Format


Now let’s consider some of the examples of authorization letter – 


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