Part 15 : Appreciation Letter

In previous section, we have studied of appointment letter and now we will see, how appreciation letters are written, when they are written and why they are written.

Introduction – 

Appreciation Letters can be a formal, business – type or a simple recognition statement of gratitude for a contribution, service or appearance. Appreciation letters are great in thanking people for their time or efforts, such as organizers, event hosts and other similar situations.

Writing an appreciation letter is a professionally meant letter for saying thank you. Here the writer views to the reader some good qualities of the reader which has come into the vicinity of the management. By reading appreciation letter, one hope is developed thus motivating the reader for more hard work and more successful life ahead. These letters always glitters honesty and sincerity from organization point of view.

Points to be noted – 

  • For maximum impact, an appreciation letter should be written immediately after the achievement/ initiative.
  • Language used in the letter should be simple and easily understandable by anyone.
  • If the achievement of individual who is getting the letter has helped over achieving targets, a comparison of data before the achievement and after the achievement will throw light on the strengths of that individual.
  • An official appreciation letter should always be on the company letterhead to give the authenticity.

General Format of Appreciation Letter – 


Letter of appreciation
Letter of appreciation


Let’s have a look on examples to gain more clarity on Appreciation Letter –


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