Part 14 : Appointment Letter

In the previous section, we studied about application letter and now moving on further with this course, we will now take notes on Appointment Letter.

Introduction –

An appointment letter is usually an official letter written either by the immediate superior or by hierarchical superior to an individual who has been found eligible for the job advertised or applied for. The letter of appointment comes into play after a series of hiring procedures have been followed by an organization to eliminate most applicants for the job and finding that one suitable candidate eligible for the profile.

An appointment letter must state all the fundamental terms and conditions of employment without an errors and contradictions. As a human resource person, you must know what the fundamental rules, terms and conditions of organization and employment are, as those terms are described as the roots of a contract between the employer and employee.

Letter Format –


Appointment Letter Format
Appointment Letter Format


Compensation Details (Salary and Applicable Benefits)
Compensation Details



Format of Confirmation of Apointment Letter
Format of Confirmation of Appointment Letter



Now let’s take a look on some of the examples of Appointment Letter – 


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