Part 7: Guidelines for writing to editors

In previous section, we have learnt about writing an effective business letter. Now let’s discuss about what are the guidelines to write a letter to editors.

You can get exposure for any burning talk of town by writing letters to the editors of newspapers or magazines. Not only will you be reaching thousands of readers, you will also be bringing your concerns to the attention of policymakers, who often refer to the opinion pages to learn what issues really matter to the public. It’s easier than you might think.

  • Read local papers and magazines to get ideas for letters. Watch for articles, ads or letters that mention your topic or related content.
  • Write on good news as well as bad .
  • Be brief! Sometimes one pithy paragraph is enough. Three hundred words is the maximum length that most papers or magazines will allow without cutting, and it’s better for you to do cutting, before editor do it. Ideal length is 100 – 150 words.
  • Type if possible. Otherwise, print legibly. Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling, and member to have your letter proofread by someone with good language skills.
  • Make the first sentence catchy to get the reader’s attention, and stick to one issue.
  • The letter should be timely. If you are responding to an article, sent it no more than three days after the article was published.

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