Part 4 : Addressing an Envelope

In previous section of this series, we have discussed about letter writing tips and abbreviations. Now here we will discuss of addressing an envelope.

Addressing an envelope should be fairly simple.

  1. In the upper – left hand corner should be your name and underneath that should be your return address.
  2. In the upper – right hand corner should be the postage stamp (with correct postage amount)
  3. In the middle – centre should be the recipient’s name and recipient’s address.

Now let’s discuss few things which need to be kept in mind while addressing the envelope –

  1. Print/ write all the information on the envelope before stuffing and sealing it so it will be written/ printed on a flat surface.
  2. If you are writing to a different country, make sure you put it at on the last line of your return address and the recipient’s address.
  3. If you are writing a friendly letter with a small envelope, you can write the return address on the flap of envelope of there is no room on the top – left hand corner.

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